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Shimano Dura-Ace Wh-7900 C35 Carbon Tubular Road Racing Wheels - light

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Shimano Dura-Ace Wh-7900 C35 Carbon Tubular Road Racing Wheels




Introducing the Shimano WH-7900-C35-Tu: the epitome of cycling excellence and the crowning jewel of the Dura-Ace wheel lineup. These 700C carbon masterpieces are not just wheels; they are your ticket to an unparalleled riding experience.

Crafted with meticulous precision, the WH-7900-C35-Tu wheels boast a lightweight yet robust carbon construction, designed to slice through the air with its sleek 35 mm rim depth and 21 mm outer width. The tubular design ensures a seamless bond with your tires, offering an uncompromising grip and responsiveness that will make every turn and sprint feel like a breeze.

The front axle spacing of 9x100mm and rear axle spacing of 10x130mm, coupled with the legendary Shimano Dura-Ace 7900 hubs, provide a stable and reliable foundation, ensuring every ounce of your power is transferred directly to the road. With a 16/20 spoke count, these wheels strike the perfect balance between strength and aerodynamics.

Equipped to handle the traditional rim brakes, these wheels offer a reassuringly familiar and effective braking experience. The use of Presta valves further enhances their compatibility with high-end road setups. Please note, skewers are not included, allowing you to customize this final touch to your liking.

With a total weight of just 1320 grams, these wheels are among the lightest in their class, offering a feathery yet formidable presence on the road. Whether you're a competitive racer or an enthusiastic road cyclist, the WH-7900-C35-Tu wheels are designed to elevate your ride to levels of performance and speed you never thought possible.

Remember, the Shimano WH-7900-C35-Tu is not just a set of wheels. It's a rare, revolutionary experience, a fusion of art and engineering, ready to take your cycling journey to the next level. Get ready to own the road like never before!


Condition: Good

- Structural Integrity: These wheels are free from any cracks, ensuring they are structurally sound and ready for the road.

- Bearings: The bearings are smooth, contributing to a seamless and efficient riding experience.

- Wheel Alignment: The wheels run true, indicating well-maintained and balanced spokes.

- Tyres: Note that the tyres show a few cuts. While this does not affect the overall performance, it's a sign of wear that should be monitored.

Overall, these Shimano WH-7900-C35-Tu wheels are in good condition, promising reliability and high performance for your cycling adventures.


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Shimano Dura-Ace Wh-7900 C35 Carbon Tubular Road Racing Wheels - light
  • £474.99